China’s FM warns US to stop its efforts to ‘contain and suppress’ Beijing

New Delhi (International Desk): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi decried the US policy of containment and suppression against Beijing in a call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday.

In a statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Wang told his American counterpart that the US should stop the practice of containment and suppression against China and warned Washington against creating new obstacles in relations between the two sides.

“The US side should stop its efforts to contain and suppress China, and not create new obstacles to the relationship between the two countries,” a readout from the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.“Wang Yi pointed out that bringing China-US relations back to the track of stable development is not only in the common interests of China and the US, but also the general expectation of the international community.”

The top Chinese diplomat also criticized US export curbs, insisting that it has severely damaged the country’s legitimate rights and must be rectified.

The top diplomats discussed the need to “responsibly manage the competition between our two countries,” Blinken wrote in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Blinken brought up the issue of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the US Department of State said in a separate statement.

The Biden administration has stressed the need to maintain and keep open lines of communication between the two countries, but also recently highlighted the implications if Beijing were to support Moscow in the Ukraine conflict.

As Russia’s strategic partner, China has been firmly on the fence on the Ukraine conflict, criticizing the Western sanctions against Russia but stopping short of endorsing Moscow’s operation that is now in its ninth month.

Blinken also discussed with his Chinese counterpart the need to responsibly manage Sino-US relations, according to the statement.

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