Ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu’s Convoy Attacked in Andhra Pradesh

Amaravati: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader N Chandrababu Naidu’s convoy was attacked on Friday in Nandigama’s NTR district, injuring his main security officer, news agency ANI reported.

“The incident occurred about 6:30 p.m. Unknown miscreants threw one stone. Chief Security Officer (CSO) Madhav has hurt; investigation underway”: CP, NTR district, ANI reported.

The incident happened on Friday night in Nandigama, NTR district. In town, Chandrababu was holding a road show. On the occasion, Chandrababu rode in a car alongside Vijayawada MP Keshineni Nani to meet the audience.

A stone landed on Madhu, who was standing behind Chandrababu Naidu at the moment. “I have no idea where that came from, but it harmed Madhu.” The Centre is understood to be supplying Chandrababu with Z Plus level protection. It is worth noting that the stone struck Madhu, who was in charge of the security crew. When it began to bleed, he informed Chandrababu, as per a local media report.

When a stone hit Naidu’s head security officer Madhu Babu in the chin, he suffered blood injuries. He was given first assistance.

Following the incident, National Security Guard (NSG) commandos were on high alert and surrounded Naidu.

The event heightened tensions in the community. Additional security guards were stationed surrounding Naidu’s vehicle. Police also requested that he end the travelling show, a local media reported.

Stone pelting was denounced by Naidu. He said that the incident was the result of inadequate police security.

Earlier in the day, Ex-Minister, Palle Raghunath Reddy posted, “Prabhanjanamla former minister marches for the rural farmer – Do not rest until the farmers’ problems are solved – Continued march amid waving of yellow flags Odici Mandal Trek from Kondakamarla to Odici Mandal Centre,” tweeted in Telugu.