Hindu activists detained for giving boycott call against Muslim traders

Bangaluru:The Karnataka Police on Tuesday took three Hindu activists into preventive custody for threatening to stage a protest against the decision to allow Muslim traders to do business in the Subramanyeshwara temple in Bengaluru’s V.V. Puram locality.

The Hanumanthanagar police in Bengaluru detained Punith Kerehalli of Raastra Rakshana Pade and others as a preventive measure.

Chikpet constituency BJP MLA Uday Garudachar said that the Hindu traders could do their business in the vicinity of dargahs and mosques. “The Hindu community people do not trouble others. A few individuals create problems and raise objections,” he said.

He clarified that there would not be any new rules because of the demands put forth by the Hindu activists. The permission was given to people of all religions.

He said, “The old rituals would be followed. Giving opportunities only to the Hindu traders is not tenable. If anyone tries to create problems, fair, legal action would be initiated against them.”

“We are elected representatives and get elected after getting votes of people belonging to all religions. There is no room for discrimination. The tradition which has been followed for years will be carried forward,” he said.

Earlier, the Hindu activists were furious about the decision and wanted a boycott of the Muslim traders in Hindu temples . They argued that when Muslims were not allowing any Hindu traders to carry out business in the surrounding areas of mosques, then why should the rules apply only to Hindu fairs.

They also challenged MLA Garudachar’s statement on allowing Hindu traders to carry out business in the surrounding areas of mosques in the Chikpet Assembly constituency which he represents.

MLA Garudachar had reacted that action would also be initiated if Hindu traders are not allowed to do business in the surrounding areas of mosques in his constituency.

Meanwhile, amid tight security arrangements by the police, thousands of devotees participated in the fair and the idol of Subramaneshwara was taken out in a procession on a silver chariot.