IT raid continues at the residence of Congress MLA Kumar Jaimangal Singh in Ranchi

Ranchi: A team of Income Tax Department is still searching Congress MLA Kumar Jaimangal Singh’s house in Ranchi and the search is going on.

Congress MLA Kumar Jaimangal Singh told to media that ‘Raids were conducted at my residences in various places. They got some papers & Rs 600 from my Patna residence. They are yet to find anything at Ranchi home. They’re just sitting here & are forcefully keeping us confined in the home.’

He said, “We have been against BJP that’s why we were raided. None of the income tax officers gave any info that I have Rs 1 cr assets. My relatives are being harassed too. IT officials are being sent at the behest of BJP’s Babulal Marandi, Nishikant Dubey, HB Sarma.”

Kumar Jaimangal Singh Said that They (Income tax Team) didn’t get anything despite raids. How will they save me from disrespect & Naxal attacks, or will save my children from kidnapping attempts? They’re here on the diktats of their seniors.