Kerala Governor Arif Mohmmed Khan raised question on the appointment of VC

Kocchi: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has raised question over Kerala Government for the appointment of Vice Chancellor.

Arif Mohammed Khan said, “CPIM is a party that believes in the legitimacy of violence. Kairali media is a publicity unit of CPIM. Since 1986 Media One group has been biased against me pertaining to the Shah Bano issue.”

During a press briefing in Kochi, earlier today, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan also said, “If anybody from Kairali TV and Media One TV channels is here, I won’t talk to you. I there is anybody from these two channels please get out.”

He Said, “They were all time interfering in matter of universities which I resented. The interference wasn’t related to the development of the universities. It was mostly about the relatives of CPIM leaders in different positions. All of their interest lied in appointments.”

Governor Arif Mohmmed Khan said, “Vice-chancellors in universities are appointed not on merit but on the recommendation of the party (CPIM) that’s why LDF controls them”